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Earn Passive Income by Joining our Affiliate Program

Are you a mom, mompreneur, or blogger that has benefited from the Techie Mamma products,  Mama Shark products, or the Mom Life Toolbox bundles?

Why not make some extra money by sharing your experiences with our bundles with your friends, community, and readers?

Quick Look

Affiliate Program Details

30% Commission

That's right, you'll earn a 30% commission rate on EVERY successful sale. When the product is priced at $27, that means you'll earn $8.1 for each sale. 30% commission is a very competitive rate for digital products!

Direct Communication with Us

All affiliates will get the inside scoop on upcoming sales and promotions so that you can be as successful as possible! We will let you know what's coming up so you can prepare ahead of time in order to increase the chances you'll make a sale.

120-Day Cookie

When someone clicks on your link, a 120-day tracking cookie will be placed on them. That means that if the user purchases the bundle at any point in those 120 days, you still make a commission (so long as they haven't cleared the cache or cookies since then).

Reward to Last Referrer

The commission goes to the person who's affiliate link was clicked on most recently. If a buyer clicks on multiple affiliate links before purchasing the bundle, the link the buyer clicked on last would be the one that is rewarded the commission.

How it works

Get Started with these Steps


You’ll apply to our program via ThriveCart, where we host the program.


Get your unique affiliate links from the affiliate portal, then share and promote with your audience.

Earn Money

You’ll earn 30% of each sale you refer with your unique link.

Get Paid

There is no minimum threshold. Payouts are made soon after the promotion ends or on the 1st of every month for other product and services.

*** The Mom Life Toolbox Affiliate Program is run by the Techie Mamma affiliate program. By applying to be an affiliate for the Mom Life Toolbox you will also become an affiliate for other Techie Mamma products and services.


Frequently Asked Questions

There are many ways to share the products and services we have to offer. Some ideas include writing blog posts, adding it to a resources page, sharing in a Facebook group, saving in your Instagram stories, including it in your email sequences to your audience, or mentioning it in your podcast.

Once an affiliate, check the affiliate group for more training to help you promote effectively and on autopilot.

We offer 30% commission on most products and services.

For the Mom Life Toolbox we have a scaling commission rate up to 45%, based on your involvement with the bundle. 

If you refer someone who makes a purchase within the 6 months that the cookie is active, you’ll earn a commission!

Sales are given to the last affiliate who referred the customer.

We always have promotional graphics and swipe copy available for launches and special events.

You are always welcome to reach out and request them! Alternatively, if you prefer, you can create something that represents your brand.

All commissions are paid via PayPal only. Once accepted to the program, you will provide us with your PayPal address.

Each digital product/service is set up a little differently. For some products, you get paid out automatically right when the sale occurs. Other products are paid out on the 1st or 15th of every month. Special Events, like the Mom Life Toolbox, are paid out soon after the sale ends. A few products are paid out on a delay after the money-back guarantee window passes.

No matter the method, it is all handled 100% automatically and you can track all of it yourself through your very own affiliate portal.

The short answer - yes, you absolutely can. For example, I don't expect you to buy an Elementor website template of mine simply to promote mine when you already have a gorgeous site of your own. Make sense? I do ask that you come from a place of authenticity, and have some familiarity with my digital products/services. If you ever have any questions about anything I offer, simply reach out to me at any time.

You can check out the full affiliate terms & conditions. As long as you agree to the very basics, we're all set. To get started, just apply by clicking the button on this page. Once you do, I'll send you everything you need to get going. I can't promise that you'll make a certain level of income, but I can promise that you won't make anything if you don't become an affiliate. So, help spread the word and help others maximize their Mompreneur Life.

No worries! We are here to help. Chat with us live or get in touch on our contact page!

If you’re already an affiliate, click here to access your affiliate portal.

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