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Contributor Applications Are Closed!

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Contributor Process Breakdown

October 21st 2022

Application Due

Contributor Applications are closed. There are always exceptions if you didn’t quite make it please get in touch.

Fill out the application form on this page. Give us some contact information and a little about your product. Applications for the next bundle are due on October 21st.

October 28th 2022


We will email you with changes to your application or acceptance. Expect an email on or before October 28th.

November 4th 2022

Product Submission

Once accepted, we will send you a product form for more information about your product and how to redeem it. This form will be due November 4th 2022.

Sale Process Breakdown

December 9th 2022

Bundle Testing

Bundle will be available for contributors for testing.

December 28 - January 3

Bundle on Sale

The cart is open for bundle purchasing! Promote the bundle (and earn as an affiliate) and share with all your friends.

January 5th, 2023

Affiliates Payouts

Affiliate payouts will be sent!

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